Sweet, rough, tender, furious… Anyway you like it.
Romance doesn’t end at twenty five...
...and it doesn’t end when marriage and children come along.
Sometimes it does get set aside for a few years. There’s a saying that life begins at forty, and for women with attitude this is true.
What happens when the kids don’t need you so much anymore? What would happen if you could reclaim the body of your twenties? Many of the characters in my world are women who’ve put their lives on hold to raise a family only to find themselves needing to start fresh.
Partners pass, leave, or fade away. What’s a girl to do?
Start over. The men they meet have also learned harsh life lessons and yet, they find a way to create lives far better than they ever imagined possible. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to walk on the wild side. Romance with an edge, not for the faint of heart. Let your inhibitions take a vacation... 
Get Some Tonight.
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