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Beginning April 1, 2011
All 2008 Lyrical Press titles are price reduce by at leat 50%. This means Frozen and Chinook Wine and Sink Her, originally 6.50 each are now 2.99!
Contract signed on Courage to Live, (sequel to Til Death Undo Us) Book 2 of the Open Windows Series. Book 3 is in the works!
New for 2011
Til Death Undo Us: A Romantic Suspense Novella by Morgan.
Cancer survivors walk an often lonely and invariably painful road. For Cassidy Malone it's no different. Until suddenly her deceased husband is accused of selling government secrets... Book One of the newly named Open Windows Series.
Rachel Dalhrumple: A full length Romantic Suspense Novel by Shea.
Rachel's life isn't perfect, but it's all she's got until she's presented with irrefutible proof of her husband's philandering. Before she can kick him out the door, he's dead and one of his mistresses blames her for the unraveling secrets. Can Rachel survive long enough to figure it all out?
Author Bio
Born in New Orleans, and partially raised in California, Morgan moved with her family to Alaska in 1977. With a few years of escape back to California for college, and more recently a few years in Colorado, Alaska is where she’s remained ever since. Married to a born and raised Alaskan, it is unlikely she’ll ever get to move "Outside" again. This could account for some of the oddities and attitudes in her writing. Or maybe those came from the two years she worked with laser physicists. Or growing up around engineers. Or maybe it’s just her neverending imagination and the really strange dreams she has each night.
These days, Morgan is fortunate to spend her days engaged in writing while curled up in her cozy empty nest, or knitting and critting with her local RWA group.
Acres and acres of Fireweed along the Steese Highway 
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